Clicking on the Sign Up button from any location on the Auto Load Logic site will take you to the Account Information page, which is where the registration process begins.

1. Account Information Page

a. On this page, you’ll need to provide basic information like your business name, an email address, etc.

b. Carriers should make sure that “Carrier” is checked in the list of user types.

c. Below the info boxes, you’ll find a highlighted link to the Terms of Service governing use of the Auto Load Logic software.

d. After reading our Terms of Service, click the box next to “I agree” signifying that you understand and agree to the terms.

e. When the Account Information Page is completed, click the “Submit” button.

2. Basic Account Setup Page

a. After clicking the Submit button on the Account Information Page, you will be taken to the Auto Transport Brokers Basic Account Setup page.

b. Here, you’ll fill in the information including your company address, phone numbers, MC number and company DOT number.

c. Next, upload, fax or email your Cargo Liability Insurance.

d. Auto Load Logic will need to be recorded as a Certificate Holder on your insurance policy. We will contact your insurance company directly if you’d like and have the certificate added to your policy.

3. Verify your email address

a. After clicking Submit on the Basic Account Setup Page, a message should appear on your screen asking you to verify your email address.

b. We will have sent a message to the email address you provided.

c. You’ll need to navigate back to your email inbox, locate the Auto Load Logic message and click on the link to verify that we’ve gotten your correct email address.

d. In case you do not find an email from us there, first check your spam folder. If the email is not in either your inbox or spam folder, an error might have occurred. If there has been an error, you can resend the email from the Auto Load Logic website.

e. When you have verified your email address, we will review the information you have provided on the Basic Account Setup Page. The review and approval process could take up to one full business day.

4. Complete User Profile Information

After you have verified your email address, while we are reviewing your account for approval, you can either:

a. Click on the highlighted link in our message, which will take you to your User Profile page. You can complete your Broker Profile while we are reviewing your account information, or

b. Wait until you receive an email notification from us advising you that your account has been approved. Then you will need to complete your User Profile.

To complete your User Profile you will need to provide a copy of your authority packet which includes your DOT Authority Page, W-9 form and the statement of Terms and Conditions that are typically included in your Bill of Lading.

5. Get Started

Once we have approved your account and you have completed the User Profile, you’re ready to start using Auto Load Logic. Your first 15 vehicles are on us!

Thank you for your business.

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Auto Load Logic offers a single automated process fully integrated with shippers and carriers.
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